Peter Wolf (Germany)

Peter Wolf

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Peter Wolf was born 1956 in Cologne/Germany.
He lives and works in Cologne as a researcher, performer, designer, author, writer, media artist, curator and organizer.

2005 he became father of his daughter Ronja.
2003 he created the “KLANGDRANG Festival for incredible Music”, Cologne, which he organizes yearly (
Since 2002 he works as media designer for the West German Broadcast (WDR).
Since 2001 he is lecturer for media design.
1998 LUDOM RESEARCH became part of the World Wide Web.
Since 1997 he works as web- and screen designer.
1995 he organized fluxus artist Al Hansen’s last Performance Happening “Celebration War” (
1991-93 he was a member of the german cybernetical orchestra ADAM NOIDLT INTERMISSION. With Intermission he did art performances eg at Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, ART Basel, Jazz Festival Moers and Philharmony Cologne.
1981 he founded LUDOM RESEARCH – an institute for research without limits. Since then he practices art research with environments, performances, objects and mixed media.
1980 he finished the design study with a diplom in Graphic Design.
1977-1987 he studied design and art in Hannover, Germany.
Since 1972 he works experimentally with sound.

Peter Wolf curates for

  • SoundLAB – Edition III
  • Soundart from Germany
    featuring these soundart ensembles

    Ensemble All-Tag
    F.I.M. (Free improvised music cologne)