Patrick Henri Burgaud (France/Netherlands)

Patrick Henri Burgaud

Patrick-Henri Burgaud lives in the Netherlands and was born in France. After some years as a teacher, he began in 1992 to devote all of his time to art. Burgaud’s experiences lead to a central focus: letters have a very strong poetical charge. Poems are pictures as well. By giving the letters an appropriate form, the words get a new dimension. Contemplating the signs, the reader is taken back to the innocence of reading as a child. In his computer works, he uses the machine not only as a tool, but as an autonomous medium, with specific needs and approaches.

His web work of art has received various international prizes. The site is in appreciation and recognition of languages around the world that are spoken by a small number of people. The site contains much information about many such languages.

Patrick Henri Burgaud participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • Current Positions of French Netart

    but his work is currently not online any longer