Paolo Bonfiglio (Italy)

Paolo Bonfiglio

participates in
VideoChannel – One Minute Film Collection
VIP – VideoChannel Interview
VAD – Video Art Database
SFC – Shoah Film Collection 2010

Was born on 1972.
He worked in many ateliers and theatres as scene-painter. He shown his
drawings, paintings and art films all over Europe, China and South
In 2007 he carried out the animation film “MATER”, based on the music
by Mick Harris. The film “MATER”, shown in several festivals, won the
first prize of the international contest “Arts Numériques Art & You”
in Paris. Paolo Bonfiglio made live projections of the
instant-art-movie “Putan CLUB” in collaboration with the musician
François Cambuzat.
He lives and works in the Langhe.