Pablo Germán Bas (Argentina)

Pablo Germán Bas

SIP – SoundLAB interview

Musician, composer and guitar player. Sound editor

Detailed work record
Ongoing / recent
• Restoration of old records belonging to the National Institute of Musicology Carlos Vega (Buenos Aires, Argentina, along with musician Sebastián Zubieta.
Funding by two grants from Grammy Foundation (US)
• Book Audio Digital requested by the editorial MP Ediciones (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Forthcoming in August 2005
• Composition and production of musical projects
• Development and direction of the career of Music and Sound for Audiovisual Media at the Center of Studies Image Campus starting
this academic year
• Direction of the section Audio Digital of the magazine Users, publication for which he also writes special articles
• Performance of a series of electroacoustic musical pieces exclusively out of noises and discarded sound material.
• Production works for broadcasting and producers of the Japanese television

Other relevant experience and skills
• Music composer and performer for cinema, video, art
exhibitions and multimedia
• Composer and recorder player of his CD “Pez Cubo”. Funding by
a grant from the Secretary of Culture of the City Government of
Buenos Aires
• Guitar player in many music bands
• Sound operator on numerous musical shows, theatrical and dance
performances, as well as for cinema
• Co-director of the film “Tropekúo”
• Co-director of the “experimental” exhibition Tiempo Naranja, Bazar de Arte based on the homonymous book. The exhibition was based on giant reproductions and scenographies of the paintings, poems and tales book with original soundtracks and sonorisations. Exhibit held between December 2000 and February 2001 in the Centro Cultural Recoleta (Buenos Aires, Argentina) from numerous public and private auspices and in Abril 2001 in the Centro Cultural Universitario (Tandil, Buenos Aires)

• Private classes of guitar and methods of musical data
• Course “Digital Audio Edition” and “Digital Multitrack Edition” for the careers of Animation 3D, Digital Media Production and Design of Web Sites at the Center of Studies
Image Campus (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
• Course of “Digital Postproduction” for the career of Design of
Image and Sound at the Universidad de Palermo (Buenos Aires,
• Course of “Digital Sound” for the career of Multimedia Design at the School of Digital art Leonardo Da Vinci (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Studied guitar, piano, harmony, composition and other musical subjects with outstanding masters such as Manolo Juárez, Julio Viera, Alejandro Moro, María del Carmen Aguilar, Luis Borda y Celina Rosenthal de Suez among others.

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