Pablo Castillo (Chile)

Pablo Adrián Castillo Meneses ( Namung)

1976 born in Santiago de Chile

1998 Gets his degree as designer with mention in visual communication in the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana

1999-2003 Works as designer/ web animator, getting outstanding achievments in the field of excellence.

2001 Starts animating in a independent manor just for pleasure

2003 Publishes

2004 Works as animation director and animator for the tv series Villa Dulce in Santiago de Chile, where he also has in his charge the art direction, design and animation of the microspace Borcacochis

2005 becomes founding partner in an animation studio ( and hopes for a bright future.

Pablo Castillo
participates in

VideoChannel – video project environments

  • VIP – VideoChannel Interview Project
  • Art cartoons & animated narratives