Owen Lloyd (USA)

Owen Lloyd

Owen Lloyd is a composer and sound artist who’s practice and professional work focus on sound and interaction. He conceptualises and builds systems for creating compositions from a variety of tracked and random inputs, hoping to reveal the shapes and time intervals of events in musical forms.

Owen has had a long career as a freelance composer and sound designer for a wide variety of media, including installations, websites, film, television and games consoles. In the process he has worked on a large number of award winning projects and has had his work presented at experimental film festivals, exhibitions and symposia, in the cinema and on television, beside swimming pools in Miami, and on your mobile phone.

During his Creative Music Technology MA, the main thrust of his research was the use of extra-musical data inputs to drive work, with a view to producing music with narrative links to sonification. This is an area of research that he is continuing to Phd level.