Olliver Dyens (Canada)

Olliver Dyens

teaches full time in the Department of French at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. In 2001, he published Metal and Flesh, the Evolution of Man, Technology Takes Over (MIT Press), an essay that examines today’s cultural and technological evolution. The French version of the book was awarded the prize for best essay by the Societe des Ecrivains Canadiens.
Ollivier Dyens is the founder of Feux chalins, the only French literary magazine in Nova Scotia, and Metal and Flesh (http://www.metalandflesh.com) an online magazine that examines today’s human-machine society.
Since its creation in the fall of 1999, Metal and Flesh has been awarded numerous international prizes, such as Best Site of the Month (L’Ovni du mois) by Le Monde Interactif and Best Literary Site by La Presse, Montreal main newspaper. Metal and Flesh was also selected for the 2000 ISEA websites exhibition.

Olliver Dyens participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • I-Highway – netart from Canada