Niki Cardoso Zaupa

Niki Cardoso Zaupa
is an experimental film-maker from Italy currently living in Glasgow, UK. In his practice he employs a wide scope of cinematic languages and mediums such as painting, stop-motion, generative and sound-reactive visuals.

Participant in –
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! – Shut Down?
Title of work: Studio sulla Luce – Inestricabilità (Study on Light – Inextricability), 2020, 1:53
Study on Light was made using wood planks as camera sliders. It’s a 60fps stop-motion that intimately focuses on the film-maker’s youth memories and how they re-emerged during the lockdown spent in his home-town. Time and space are strictly correlated by mathematical and geometrical rules, giving a sense of “synthetic film-making”, reinforced by an unconventional use of the Foley method in which the sound is produced by a modular synthesizer.