Nicole Rademacher (USA/Chile)

Nicole Rademacher
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  • CologneOFF IV – Here We Are!
    4th edittion of Cologne Online Film Festival 2008
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  • Nicole Rademacher is an artist, curator, creative-type, and just a regular cultural explorer. She sees her curatorial projects as an extension of her practice and continually looks for culturally interesting work. Her curated video selections have been exhibited/shown at LOOP Video Art Festival, Festival de Videoarte de Camagüey, and Hudson Beach Gallery.

    Curatorial Statement: Chile is the skinny country next to Argentina, at least that is what Chile always was to me until I finally visited for the first time in 2007. And it is true: it is a skinny country that shares a border with Argentina, but it also shares a border with Peru, Bolivia, and (a long one) with the Pacific Ocean. Its landscape is infinitely diverse, and visually clashing. These bizarre juxtapositions are also found in its capital city of Santiago where changing political climates and economic crises have placed one story homes built in the 30s next to 20 story condos built last year. Or perhaps you will notice it as you walk down a decidedly urban street where at almost any moment you can see the gigantic snow capped mountains towering above you. The visual (and political) contradictions, and sometimes confrontations, are present in the Chilean culture and thus in its art.

    While Chile is a country with one foot in the developing world and the other in the developed, video art is still quite new on the curriculum. Before it was more common for these artists (i.e. Juan Downey) to go to places in the world where the community of video artists was blossoming. Now, this isn’t necessarily so. There is a rich and diverse community of makers and educators. And enthusiasm is growing.

    This program aims to show you exactly what the titles says – RIGHT NOW, what are video artists making in Chile? The eight videos in the program are as diverse as the Chilean terrain itself, creating a dialogue between looming capitalism and commonplace non-violent robbery, ideas of the absurd and thoughtful meditations on landscape. What is it exactly that they are making down there in that skinny country?