Nicole Pruckermayr (Austria)

Nicole Pruckermayr

Participant in

  • VideoChannel –> OMFC’2 – One Minute Film Collection 2
    curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
  • CologneOFF IV – Here We Are!
    4th edittion of Cologne Online Film Festival 2008
  • VAD – Video Art Database
  • Nicole Pruckermayr
    Born 1975 in Wels / Austria. Lives and Works in Graz.
    Studied at the University of Graz (Biology) and at the Technical University of Graz (Architecture).
    Main fields of work: video, (interdisciplinary, media-, space-) installations, performances.
    Since 1999 founding-member of the artist-group „nap + forum::für::umläute“.
    Since 2004 teaching as scientific assistant at the Institute of Contemporary Art, TU-Graz and playing bass at „extofita“.

    Video presentations (selection):
    Vienna, AUT, OKTO TV, , „holiday destinations summer 2006“
    Rome, I, Wonbit Conference, , „a surface reflection“
    Ljubljana, SLO, Kapelica & Kiberpipa „Intermediate Spaces 2 – Zwischenräume“
    „holiday destinations summer 2006“
    Graz, AUT, Schubertkino, “Geschlecht macht Pflege”, „108/1994/§6“
    ( nap + forum::für::umläute )
    Hallein, AUT, Kunstforum beim Rathaus, “frisch saftig steirisch”, „auto cut“
    ( nap + forum::für::umläute )
    Vienna, AUT, cybercenter „>frauen< >arbeit< >alter<“