Neda Darzi (Iran)

Neda Darzi

Currently lives in Tehran, Iran

Born in 1971 obtained her diploma from Tehran girls school of art in 1992. Pursuing higher education, got B.A from Tehran open University and M.A in painting from art university in Tehran 1999. Has held 8 solo exhibitions and taken part in more than 47 group shows in Iran, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece. By using some of her original Tapestry, ceramic, and photographs, she has also been involved with making conceptual video installations, which reflect Iranian culture as well as her own identity.

“My interest in video installation is the creation of a simulated experience. The archiving of information and imagery is much like memories I have collected from my past and childhood memories. Despite the tactility of my tapestry sculptures, the projected moving image requires only act of watching by the viewer. Unlike the sculptures that are within the space of the body and have direct interaction with the viewer, the video installations are imitations of the reality. I am interested in combining these two media to engage the viewer both physically and virtually.”

Different Videos such as:
2002, HANDS, A corporation with F. Shahsavarani, Tehran, 2nd Baran Short Film Festival
2002, THIS OLD LAND, A corporation with F. Shahsavarani
2003, AND THIS HUMAN, 1st Avant-garde Film Festival-Kish Island
2004, FRAMING THE TABOO, Documentary
2005, BE FREE
2005, The Media
2007, The sky border is my homeland, Video Art- Athens 08
2009, Covered in eyes