Nathaniel Stern (USA)

Nathaniel Stern

What I affectionately call the non-aggressive narrative (NAN) is, more precisely, a mode of Benjaminian storytelling. It proposes the “continuation of a story which is just unfolding.” I use digital and traditional media to create encounters between an ambiguous ‘I’ and potential ‘You.’ By embracing memory as a “collage in motion” through multiple characters, the NAN implies an origin story that may or may not have occurred. You are invited to co-invent this unfolding ‘past,’ and its openness suggests possibility and multiplicity. In a 1965 interview with
Michael Kirby, John Cage said that theatre is not done to its viewers; they do it to themselves. The NAN depends on that. As viewers re-member along with the narrative, they complete / become the work of art. Alongside the NAN, the self (‘You’ and ‘I’) is unfolding and in process.

Nathaniel Stern is an internationally exhibited
digital/video/animation/installation artist and performance poet. Pieces from his “non-aggressive narrative” have been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Ireland, Bristol, Bangkok, Sydney, Chiang Mai, Johannesburg and Cape Town. nathaniel’s collaborative physical theatre work has won three FNB Vita Awards, and has been featured at the Grahamstown Festival (SA).
His poetry repertoire includes the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, CBGBs and the US National Poetry Slam competition, 2002.

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