Nathan Martin, Todd Willey, Tyler Jacobsen (USA)

Nathan Martin, Todd Willey, Tyler Jacobsen

Tyler Jacobsen
is a video and performance artist/electronic musician who works in conjunction
with the media arts collective, JacobsenÕs work has been shown
extensively in the past six months across the US, the UK, and Europe. His musical
work with experimental synth-pop groups Denim and Diamonds, and A Roman Scandal,
as well as art rockers, ÉTrail of Dead, has called the attention of such publications as
UKÕs NME. Tyler is currently living and working in Troy, NY. One of his more recent projects
was, a collaboration between Conglomco and The Carbon Defense
League ( was a barcode database and web-based
application that enabled customers to “name their own price for the products they want to buy”

  • education
  • MFA Electronic Art, Renneselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2003
    BFA Transmedia and Video Art, University of Texas at Austin, 2000
    teaching experience
    Graduate Instructor, Computer Art, RPI, Fall and Spring, 2002
    Teaching Assistant, Media Studio (Audio / Video), RPI. Spring, 2001

  • grants and awards
  • Winner Memefest 2003, International Festival of Radical Communication, Slovenia , July 2003, cash award
    Research Grant for study of Lenticular Technology, Office for the Vice President of Research,
    University of Texas at Austin, December 2000, awarded $1000
    selected screenings, performances and lectures
    Next Five Minutes, Festival for Tactial Media, Amsterdam, Sept 11 2003, Workshop and presentation, Aug 30 2003
    Folly Gallery, Lancaster, UK, Re-code Workshop, Aug 18th 2003
    FACT Centre, Performance and Workshop, Liverpool, UK Aug 8th 2003
    Memefest 2003, International Festival of Radical Communication, Slovenia, July 2003
    Impakt Festival 2003, Central Museum Utrecht, The Netherlands, June 2003
    FACT Centre, Lecture and Panel, Liverpool, UK May 13th 2003
    Waygood Gallery, 39 Highbridge, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 IEW, May 14th 2003
    ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), The Mall, London, SW1, UK,, May 18th 2003
    Other Cinema, Mayday Mobilizations: Anti-Globalization Guerillas, 992 Valencia,
    San Francisco, Ca, may 3rd 2003
    The Lost Film Festival 8, Philadelphia, PA April 15 2003
    MACROCK, Mid Atlantic College Radio Conference, Richmond Va, April 2003, performance / panel
    Q Gallery, 35/36 Queen Street, Derby, UK, April 2003
    Version>03 [DigitalArtsConvergence], Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, 26-30 March 2003
    Sonoteque, 1444 West Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL March 26 2003
    Open End Gallery, 2000 West Fulton, Chicago, IL March 2003

  • selected exhibitions, performances and lectures, cont.
  • ARTBAR 291 – Royal College of Art at 291 Gallery, London, March 4, 2003
    TAILERPARK’03, UGC cinema, Cardiff, Wales, March 3rd 2003002
    Zoo, Rootx, Hall Time Based Arts, UK, Nov 2002
    CCA Kitakyushu, Japan, Nov 2002
    Socket Saliva, The Soap Gallery, Japan, Nov 2002
    Videotage, Hong Kong, Nov 2002
    LA Freewaves 8th exhibition of Experimental Media: TV or NOT TV, Nov 2002
    Rivaa Gallery, Roosevelt Island, New York, July 2002
    Dahlonega International Film Festival, Dahlonega ,GA June 27 2002
    The How and Why, Blue Theatre, Austin, TX May 2002
    Conference for Interfaced Culture, Yale University, May 2002
    The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, June 2002
    Indymedia Center Television (Troy, NY), March 2002, Website Exhibition, March 2002- current
    Video on Video, Speaker / Exhibition, Saratoga, NY March 2002
    Film Conditioner, Siberia Bar NY, NY March 2002
    Fulton Street Gallery, Troy, NY, Jan. 2002
    Streams, Galapagos, Brooklyn, NY Jan. 2002
    Assistant to Nao Bustamante, “Find Yourself, Through Me”-performance/installation,
    San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Dec 2001
    Surface Tension, University of Texas at Austin, January 2000
    Hunnington Gallery, Speaker for Noon Gallery Talks, Austin TX, January 2000
    Passing through walls, University of Texas at Austin, December 2000

    Nathan Martin

    Education, Skillset, Awards
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute current student MFA candidate
    expected graduation May 2004 iEAR Studios
    Carnegie Mellon University BFA – Electronic and Time-Based Arts
    8.95 – 5.99 QPA 3.6 / 4.0 Dean’s List
    Auckland Institute of Technology New Media Arts
    6.97 – 12.97 QPA 4.0 / 4.0
    OS Windows98/2000/NT/XP MacintoshOS Unix/Linux
    Software Adobe PhotoShop Adobe Premiere
    Adobe Illustrator Adobe GoLive
    Macromedia Director Macromedia Freehand
    Macromedia Flash Macromedia Dreamweaver
    Sonic Foundry Sound Forge Sonic Foundry Acid
    QTVR RealAudio/Video Encoder
    Tribeworks iShell Totally Hip LiveStage
    Allaire HomeSite Nokia WAP Development Kit
    Allaire Cold Fusion Logic Audio UP SDK DigiDesign ProTools
    Motorola Wireless DK Java Software Development Kit
    Audio Mulch Interactive Studio Microsoft Visual Studio
    Languages Lingo WML HTML VRML DHTML C++ PHP MySQL JavaScript
    Other Extensive UI Design for PalmOS and PocketPC
    Simple analog and digital circuit design and construction
    BASIC Stamp I and limited micro controller experience
    PC parallel and serial port device control
    Mechanical and robotic construction and design
    Audio electronics and live sound development and manipulation
    Employment Palm Computing HI Design Team (contract through MetaDesign) 02.01 – 07.01
    Walker Center for the Arts Web Development (contract through Steve Dietz) 11.00 – 03.01
    MetaDesign SF Technical Designer/Interaction Designer 06.00 – 09.01
    Mind Over Media Multimedia Programmer/Graphic Designer 05.99 – 05.00
    Carnegie Mellon University Multimedia Assistant 07.98 – 05.99
    Bulletproof Inc. Intern/Web Developer 05.98 – 10.98
    The Studio for Creative Inquiry Research Assistant to Stelarc (A.I.R) 02.97 – 06.97
    The Mattress Factory Intern/Interactive Content Developer 05.97 – 08.97
    2003 Winner Memefest 2003 International Festival of Radical Communication, Slovenia –
    2002 Grant for Tactical Media research project with Institute for Applied Autonomy and
    2002 Fellowship awarded by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    2000 Communicator Award – Award of Distinction for Xerox Document Centre cdrom given to Mind Over Media
    1999 CMU Undergraduate Research SURGE presentation award for The Lytic Cycle
    1999 CMU Undergraduate Research SURGE Grant recipient for The Lytic Cycle
    1998 CMU Junior Art Award for collaborations with Glen Johnson
    1998 CMU Undergraduate Research SURGE Grant recipient for The Role of the Producer
    1997 CMU Sophomore Art Award for collaborations with Glen Johnson
    1997 CMU Undergraduate Research SURGE Grant recipient for Zworkin’s Garden
    1995 Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts – one of five PA photographers selected to

    Discussions & Lectures
    2003 Impakt Festival – Net.Art to Net.Activism Utrecht, Netherlands
    2003 Lost Film Festival – The Rotunda Philadelphia, PA
    2003 Mid Atlantic College Radio Conference – James Madison University Harrisonburg, VA
    2003 Version>03 Festival at Museum of Contemporary Arts Chicago, IL
    2003 Infrastructures of Digital Design Conference UCSD lecture San Diego, CA
    2002 MadHack02 Conference lecture Madrid, Spain
    2002 Version>02 Festival Panel Discussion (MoCA) Chicago, IL
    2001 5 month European and NA tour with CIC and CDL Europe and North America
    2001 AK Press Child as Audience Book Release Lecture San Francisco, CA
    2001 Department of Space and Land Reclamation Chicago, IL
    2001 More than Music Festival Columbus, OH
    2000 Carnegie Mellon University (Robert Atkins) Pittsburgh, PA
    2000 More than Music Festival Columbus, OH
    1999 Next 5 Minutes 3 Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Exhibitions 2003 Folly Gallery: Workshop August 18, 2003 Lancaster, UK
    2003 Other Cinema – Mayday Mobilizations: Anti-Globalization Guerillas – May 3, 2003 San Francisco, CA
    2001 ̩cole du Magasin РDigital Deviance РJune 2001 Grenoble, France
    2001 – [re]Distributions Online, USA
    1999 Museumsquartier – SynWorld playwork:hyperspace – May 27-31 1999 Vienna, Austria
    1999 How to Reinvent the Wheel (CDL Group Show) Carnegie Mellon Pittsburgh, PA

    Nathan Martin, Todd Willey, Tyler Jacobsen participate in

  • JavaMuseum
  • Perspectives 2003 – netart competition & showcase