Nathalie Perrin (France)

Nathalie Perrin
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Born in Nantes, France, 1965. Located in Switzerland.
Multimedia artist researcher and editor in cybermedia culture and netart projects. Editor of meetopia and co-author of digital works.
Graduate in social work practices at Institut d’Etudes Sociales -IES Geneva – Switzerland, 1995.
Graduate in cybermedia & critical studies at Ecole Supérieure des beaux arts, ESBA Geneva – Switzerland, 2003.
From 2003 to 2004, teacher – assistant in cybermedia studies at the CCC program Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts, ESBA Geneva. – Switzerland.
From 2002, co-founder of collaborative webzines, co -author of « artistes en temps de guerre » article in « Faces » magazine, with Liliane Schneiter, co-developper of collaborative platform with Paulo Alcântara, Marina Grzinic and Tester, Shedhalle, Zurich Switzerland.
Since 2006, training on GNU/Linux operating system.
From 2007, teaches in the field of cybermedia culture and the theory of the media at the CCC program, HEAD Geneva, Switzerland.
From 2006, Main editor of meetopia, collaborative plateform and blog on net cultures.
Her work targets digital interfaces, multishaped and hybrid knowledge, sharing of contents and production with computers. She focus on digital culture history, networks culture, free software communities, computer based artwork, gender studies and the dadaist practices.
Grants & awards:
2003, Site mapping, Federal Office of Culture, Switzerland, Grant for The Interfacing Process DVD-R
2006 Site mapping, Federal Office of Culture, Grant for the development of the web platform V.I.R:us