Nancy Mauro-Flude (Australia)

Nancy Mauro Flude

media artist / dance / installation / hacker of narrative and western medicine
mostly appears under the name of “sisterO”. An unlocatable mesmeriser who conducts digital media divinations in order to mobilise messages from the underwater database of subjugated knowledge’s. Contributes to urban mythology, virtual kinship communities and new narrative architecture in multinodal, networked experiences which look at the glitches, interferences that come with the hacking of narrative and codes. sister O is a border line dancer and writer, creates zones of collective regenerations in the form of ‘sister O Operations’. In 2003, recipient of a Australia Council for the Arts – new media artist residency Conducted a 3 month empirical research in sibundoy, cabildo indigena kamentsa putomayo sth. Colombian jungle – exploring ancient media of sound, dance, plants and divination. Artist residency at Sensing Presence lab: a division of Waag society of / old and new media in Amsterdam the in-house developers of KeyWorx. [This was part of Dasarts Field work]. Former scholar of the Department of Performance studies {honours 1:1} The University of Sydney and at the Institute of Somatic Movement Studies: Amsterdam.

Nancy Mauro-Flude participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • I-Ocean – netart from Asia & Pacific area