Nairy Eivazy

Nairy Eivazy
is an independent artist and researcher based in Tehran. Her work mostly falls into the field of mixed media animation and inter-media practices. She received her M.A. in Animation from Tehran University of Art in 2018.

She finds the concept of memory gathered in the material objects and emotions they evoke interesting and her current work focuses on documenting the nonverbal stories of individuals embodied in various objects and belongings and for her, material objects have the power to cut across lines of age, gender, and cultural differences.

Participant in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
title of the video: Objects of ZAHRA, 2019, 1:17
“objects of ZAHRA” is a video from an ongoing participatory project titled “objects of EMMA” which was started from January 2019. I ask participants to choose twenty objects and belongings which represents them the most or which evokes a memory in them that is either deep or significant. They give these objects to me for one day and I try to make an experimental-short using under camera stop-motion.