Mylicon/EN (Italy)


Lino Greco (visual) and Daniela Cattivelli (sound) created Mylicon/En in 2002.
Mylicon/EN is a duo involved in experimental and alternative ways of conceiving audio-video live act, recovering performativity and concreteness through the use of analogical and mechanical devices in the production of images.
Their works focus on the interaction between analog or mechanical devices with the digital realm. Visual texture is manipulated according to sound. During their improvisations and creation sessions they use many different common objects like glasses, plastics, water etc. to create sound and images.
Mylicon/En performed audiovisual live-set and presented video in many festivals worldwide.

Mylicon/En is participating in

  • VideoChannel – Image vs Music
  • Titles:
    1. Stylaria, video, 2004, 4′07′’
    2. Chrom, video, 2004, 4′022′’