Milos Peskir

Milos Peskir
Milos Peskir, born (1976) in Belgrade, Serbia.
Educated in Visual Art, Intermedia.
Active in the field of, time-based and non time-based, 2D Visual Art.

Participant in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
title of video : ruin_Lust – Die Meere rufen, 2020, 1:35
Video triptych “Die Meere rufen” is a 5 seconds pattern of the digital confessions to the year 2020 from ruin_Lust series, the works of reconsideration.
Trilled by the strange sorrow of despicable acute nostalgia, during the Lockdown time, for over-visited and probably misvalued visual occurrence of nature. Visual palimpsest grows stronger and dreamlike digital recreation came as an answer to this call.