Mikhail Torich (USA)

Mikhail Torich

Mihail Torich, MFA in Media-Design, is an international music video director, photographer and visual artist shooting and performing in Russia, Germany and USA. Live video and contemporary artist, 7 solo and over 20 collaborative art-exhibitions incorporating design, illustration, painting, mixed media and more.
Produced over 40 music videos for major and indie russian, german, swedish and american musicians, videos broadcasted on top music tv-channels including mtv, viva, deutsche welle and more.
Music videos shot for: Kylie Minogue (Speakerphone contest), Sin with Sebastian, Vincent Vega, Patric la Funk (Germany), Sully Erna (godsmack, US), Anton Neumark (Russia), Venusberg (Germany), Xavier Le Pop Star (US), etc.