Michal Brzezinski (Poland)

Michal Brzezinski

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  • MichaÅ‚ BrzeziÅ„ski, born in 1975, artist, curator in Centre for
    Contemporary Arts “Łaźnia” in GdaÅ„sk, a graduate of film studies at
    the Media and Audiovisual Culture Department at the University of
    Łodź. MA thesis entitled Subject, Body, Identity. A Contribution to
    Cybercultural Anthropology completed in 2003. An artist and video
    theoretician, a specialist on the visual media, such as TV, DVD and
    the Internet. An organizer of video training workshops and author of a
    TV programme devoted to video. His work combines the tradition of
    video art and experimental cinema and is a reflection on the
    phenomenon of identity in the world of the new media. In order to
    define video art and describe its functioning in society, he
    introduces the notions of VIRUS-VIDEO or VIDEO-IDENTITY. To him, video
    is the only appropriate language of the new media.
    His work was presented in Józef Robakowski’s Programme “Polish Found
    Footage 1957-2004”, at Rzeźnia Miejska while the II Art Fair in
    PoznaÅ„. Additionally, BrzeziÅ„ski’s exhibitions were displayed at
    Lublin Art Gallery, Space-twoentwo Gallery in London and as a part of
    Galeria Wymiany collection: “New Video Energies” at the Art Centre of
    PoznaÅ„ and “DVD – new video energies” at the Manhattan Gallery in
    Łódź. Moreover, he took part in Krzysztof Jurecki’s lectures entitled
    “Supplement to the history of Polish experimental cinema and Polish
    video art (1983-2006)” held in the Centre for Contemporary Arts
    “Łaźnia” in GdaÅ„sk, at the “Kont” Art Gallery in Lublin, the
    “Wozownia” Art Gallery in ToruÅ„, the Centre for Contemporary Arts
    “Zamek Ujazdowski” in Warsaw. A one-man exhibition of his work Peer
    Gynt took place at A. Rubinstein’s Concert Hall in Łódź. Other solo
    exhibitions were held at the Arsenal Art Gallery in Białystok, the
    “Bunkier Sztuki” Art Gallery in Cracow and Art Museum in Łódź. He
    participated in two shows at the Biennial of Łódź in 2006.
    His artistic output has been described and commented on in Exit and
    Obieg magazine. In Art Eon, Krzysztof Jurecki called him the most
    outstanding video theoretician. According to Polish Video Art
    Catalogue, published by the Inner Spaces Art Gallery in 2006,
    Brzeziński is one of the most representative Polish video artists. The
    exhibitioner of Minister of Culture and the National Heritage on 2008.