Max Haiven (Canada)

Max Haiven

Max Haiven works at becoming an artist/activist/academic with an eye to teasing the distinction between the three. Currently residing in Hamilton, Ontario, he has experimented with many media, collectives and disciplines. Currently, he is pursuing his M.A. in Globalization at McMaster University. His research interests include the impact of internet file-sharing, artists’ collectives and cooperatives, critical media studies, gender and sexuality, and social movements. His recent artistic practices engage audio and video, experimenting with things like banality, techno, feedback, horror and style. There is a special place in his heart for the subtle nuances and glitches of digital technology and he enjoys finding new ways to work with old machines and obsolete software. He has presented at several festivals around Canada and his work appears on various compilations. In 2003, released max haiven and Jon Vaughn’s collaborative work “Front” on compact disk and the two have been showcasing it across Canada over the past year. max is digitally at home with Montreal based net.label and its upcoming sub-label ‘Bricolodge.

Max Haiven participates in

  • SoundLAB – Edition I
  • Soundart from Canada I
    curated by tobias c. van Veen