Matthew Randall (UK)

Matthew Randall

participant in
Flash & Thunder – Flash as a tool for artistic creations

Coming from a background of ICT, Mathew Randall began working with the web back in its infancy mainly providing back-end technical support. As Rich Internet Applications and web based multimedia technologies such as Flash matured, he become more and more involved in creating user interfaces and multimedia web solutions using ActionScript and the Flash Platform.
This developed an interested in computer generated graphics animations, moved into areas of live performance, and writing his own live video systems in what was Macromedia Director then moving onto using the Max/MSP/Jitter platform.
Mat done performances for Project X Presents, Hello Digital, Drop Beats not Bombs, with regular performances with students from Birmingham City University. He will be performing at the Shambala festival 2009.
Mat currently has a lecturing position teaching Multimedia at Birmingham City University. ”The Digital Harmonograph” is one of first purely artistic pieces of work that Mat has created using the Adobe Flash platform.