Matthew Ostrowski (USA)

Matthew Ostrowski
Interview for SIP – SoundLAB Interview project

short bio:
A New York City native, Matthew Ostrowski has been working with electronics for over twenty years, working in improvised music, music theater, and audio installations, with a continuing interest in density of microevents, rapid change, and using technology to stretch the bounds of perception. He studied at the Oberlin Conservatory and the Institute of Sonology in the Hague. Encompassing live music, composition, and audio installation, his works have been heard or performed worldwide, most recently at Unyazi, the first festival of electronic music on the African continent. He has worked with many of the finest improvisors in Europe and America, and his collaborations range from the the Ultra-modernist Streb dance company to the ultra-silly Flying Karamazov brothers juggling troupe. He has appeared on over a dozen recordings, and has received numerous awards, including a 2001 NYFA fellowship in Computer Arts, and a nomination in 2005 for the prestigous Alpert Award. Having lived in Europe for most of the 1990s, he returned to New York in 2000, where he works as a teacher and software developer. His most recent article, on the pitfalls of data sonification, will be published in the Spring issue of the Leonardo Music Journal.

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