Masha Yozefpolsky (Israel)

Masha Yozefpolsky
participant in
VAD – Video Art Database
CologneOFF V – 5th Cologne Online Film Festival 2009

was born in Leningrad, 1964, lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Curriculum Vitae


video installations, drawing, painting, sculpture, poetry


1984  1988 Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
1982  1986 Studio of Yoseph Hirsh, Jerusalem
1982  1984 Studio of Orna Millo, Jerusalem

solo exhibitions

2007 valeriana  installation, Artist’s House, Tel Aviv, curator: Naomi Aviv
2002 video compilation  Hazira, Jerusalem, c: Hadas Efrat
2000 Interval – installation. Tel Aviv Museum of Art, ‘4 video artists’, c: Mordechai Omer
1999 vector still – installation, Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv, c: Hadas Maor
1995 soon – installation. Kidmat Eden Gallery, Tel Aviv, c: Eden Miller
1990 invisible nature – painting, drawing. List Gallery, Foroyar- Denmark, c: Ingi Johansson
1985 balloon act – performance. Tzavta, Jerusalem

group exhibitions

2009 Lontana – video film. Hazira, Jerusalem, c: Smadar Shindler

2008 273 – °C – “Deep Freexe” video. Displacements’, Bat Yam Museum of Contemporary Art . curators: Milana Gitzin-Adiram and Lea Abir

2006 extract – installation. ‘The Raft of The Medusa’ – Israeli Art and the monster of self-identity,
Krolikarnia, The National Museum, Warsaw, Poland, curators: Naomi Aviv, Pawel Sosnowski

2005 extract  installation. Kalisher Gallery, Tel Aviv, c: Tami Katz Freiman

2004 untitled  painting/objects. ‘Orim (lights)’, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem,
c: Amitai c: Amitai Mendelsohn

2004 april 1964 – installation. ‘Embroided Action’, Herzlia Museum of Art, c: Hadas Maor
2004 heal the healer – video. ‘How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare’,
Kalisher, T Kalisher, T. A. c: Naomi Aviv

2004 anima – installation. ‘Art Focus 4’, Museum of the Underground, Jerusalem, c: S.Landau Y.Zalmona and Y.Zalmona

2002 i am you – video. The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, c: Sarit Shapiro
2002 untitled – drawing/objects. ‘Traces’, Artist’s House, Jerusalem, c: Ilan Wizgan
2001 towards – video. ‘Voyeurism’, Hazira, Jerusalem, c: Hadas Efrat
2000 video compilation. ‘Video library’, Office in Tel Aviv, c: Rachel Suckman
2000 outer limits – video film. Makor Video Lounge, N.Y.C. c: Dana Levi
1999 elsewhere – video object. ‘Mad Media’, Museum’s Forum, c: Rachel Suckman
1997 video compilation. ‘Oi Wa Woi’, Podewil, Berlin, Germany, c: Vered Maimon
1998 north cut – installation. Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Tali Tamir
1996 hold on – installation. Art Focus 1, Artist’s House, Jerusalem, curator: Ilan Wizgan


2004 the code – experimental film. ‘Hunger Project’; International Film Festival, Jerusalem,
Cinematheque Tel Aviv, c: Naomi Aviv
1996 mission – video film. Cinematheque Tel Aviv, c: Eden Miller


2009 HEP. (human emotion project) Center for Contemporary Art, Torino, Italy, c: Willy Darko
2008 noli me tangere – video film, Hazira, Jerusalem, c: Smadar Shindler
2005 video compilation. ‘Video Trip’, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv, c: Diana Dallal
2004 a verge – sculpture. Sculpture’s promenade, kibbutz Yeron, Galilee, c: Avi Ifergan
2003 untitled – ‘Lions of Jerusalem’, Apple Org, Miami Beach, c: Ilan Wizgan
2002 error lips – video film. ‘Poetry Festival’, Hazira, Jerusalem, c: Hadas Efrat


1z creative thought, drawing, interdisciplinary art
1997 – 2009 Kibbutz Seminar, Tel Aviv
2000 – 2009 Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Screen-Based Arts Department, Jerusalem


1988 America – Israel Sharet Fund award
2002 Ministry of Culture, Creation Support award
2007 Rabinovich Fund – experimental film


2007 untitled – drawing, Eldad and Orli Weiss
2004 traces – photo/cloth objects. Yaffa Braverman, ByArt Projects
2000 interval – video-audio installation, The O’Hana Collection,Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2000 a comb – drawing/object, Omanut Laam Collection
1998 video compilation – Brandess Collection