Markus Decker /Wolfgang Fuchs (Austria)

Markus Decker /Wolfgang Fuchs
short bio:
Decker, Markus, since 1998 operator of the netgroup firstfloor electronix linz/wien/muenchen/ london/vancouver), producing netcasts, and free experiments with audio.
2004 memorised the groundnoise of the own inner ear. since a while, working in several collaborative situations on experimental media, from sound to network to moving image, under the topic: “further exploration of noise and dust”.

wolfgang fuchs (* 1974 steyr/upper austria), currently living in wien, since late 90s i’m working on integrating musical instruments and hardware – with mainfocus on recordplayers – into modern musical practise. one of my aims is to demystify the dj as such while establishing
the turntable as stand-alone instrument. therefore i spend more time in hacking and developing vinyl playback-techniques than in hanging around in record-shops.

Markus Decker /Wolfgang Fuchs participates in

  • SoundLAB
  • edition04.f. m’scape 05