Mark Sedgwick (USA)

Mark Sedgwick

I have created Interactive versions of existing ‘physical’ compositions to produce an Ikonik hybrid, viewers can interact, explore and create in a way that takes the outcome of the work away from myself and puts it into the hands of the observer.

I hope by doing this i can produce work that is not only technically proficient and novel, but also go beyond the medium and into the realm of new ideas and thinking, a place where the medium acts as a conduit for the Ikonik concept.

What others have said:

Electronic media merge in this solo exhibition of works by new-media artist Mark Sedgwick. An artist, and designer, Mark engages electronic devices-computers, video games, Mobile devices, Interactive TV and Other Mediums in the presentation of his Ikonik Artworks.

The resulting works expand the limitations of language and the traditional context of art, proposing a bold new role for the artist in our culture. Michael Williamson..MOWA [ Museum of Web Art ]

The story of how an artist received a vision that insipired him to dedicate his life to bringing into existence, a new kind of venue ( Where edutainment is created and shared, where interactive theater can help heal hearts, and open minds by tapping into and unleashing a creative force on planet Earth through Outer Dimensional art, video clips, games, music & the NOW.

Mark Sedgwick participates in

  • [R][R][F]200x—>XP – global networking project
  • RRF v.3 curated by Agricola de Cologne