Mariusz Wirski (Poland)

Mariusz Wirski
A graduate of Polish Language and Literature Studies, PhD student at the University of Gdansk where he is working on doctoral dissertation on Film Studies. University lecturer. The author of animated, experimental and documentary films. Many of them were presented at festivals in Poland (Gdynia Film Festival) but also in other countries (European Media Art Festival – Germany)

Participant in
1#minuteCOLOGNE – Cologne One Minute Film Festival 2012
The d/i/light Memorial – Shoah Film Collection 2013
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona – Shut Down?
Marwire – Quarantine, 2020, 3:23
A man staying in his apartment in seclusion is recording his daily activities with an old camera. His progressive degradation of mental state develops in direct proportion to the ongoing quarantine. Music video for the single Quarantine by Marwire (Mariusz Wirski, director of the video)