Mario Guttierrez Cru (Spain)

Mario Gutiérrez Cru

Mario Gutiérrez artist, graduate in Fine Arts University UPV (Spain), curator of art, and creative.

Develops as an artist since 2002 works with the concept of Passages and its relation with the space and time in single pieces, video installations, sound installations and interactive. Recently works with the idea of vigilance, for your own security. His work has been seen in France, Portugal, Holland, Italy, Austia, México, Perú, Brasil, Cuba, Domincan Republic, Spain.
President of experimental art space Espacio Menosuno ( ) 2001 – 2010. Coordinaton of more than 600 international artists, exhibitions, events, workshop and presentations. He was also co-founder of IN-SONORA (, displays and interactive sound art. 2005-2010. With workshops, conferences, exhibitions and events in moren than dozen spaces. With the support of Madrid Art Council, Spain Cultural Goberment, coordination more than 300 artists.

Acts as commissioner or critical Festivals and magazines such as the Festival of experimental music Decibelio 06, Festival Qubo Zip 06… Collaborated with festivals like Coutures in France, Interference in Netherland, Saout Meeting in Marroc, Sound Res in Italy, Nit´s de Aielo i art and ARTe SONoro in La Casa Encendida in Spain. Co-coordinates CBA.NET the Net-Art department of CBA (Association of FIne Arts).

Now is the KREÆ´s director, Contemporany Creation Intitute ( Director too, of PROYECTOR, International Videoart Festival (, an the artistic community Colectivos en red* ( And the Spanish coordinator of the international videoart show, DVD Project (