Marianna and Daniel O’Reilly (UK)

Marianna and Daniel O’Reilly
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Marianna was born in Russia in 1974 and Daniel in the UK in 1979. Having met while completing their Master Degrees in Fine Art in London (Royal Academy of Arts and Chelsea College of Art respectively) they have been collaborating since 2004 and developed multi-media installations, published artist’s books, participated and curated art exhibitions, screenings, debates and performances. Currently working in the new media they have participated in a variety of Film Festivals in the UK and abroad.
Film and Video Festivals 2008/09 include: Optica Film Festival (nominated for the Best Independent Artist Award), Gigon, Spain; Videophile Festival, Brighton, UK; IV Videologia Festival of Video-Audio Arts, Volgograd, Russia; Pantheon Xperimental Film Festival in Cyprus; Zemos 98 Festival, Seville, Spain and Evolution Festival, Leeds, UK.
Video screenings (2008/09) include: Apexart in New York; Another Roadside Attraction in London; Rotoreliefs Screenings, London; Leeds Met Gallery, Leeds, UK; Geborgen Kamers, The Hague, Holland; Outcasting Video Channel, UK, Ottica TV Screening, London; Bacon Screen Project, London.