Maria Kelesidi (UK)

Maria Kelesidi

Maria Kelesidi is a video/film artist based in London. Her work involves the creation of abstract imagery set to symbolic and stylised manners and structures. In her videos she intervenes people’s daily routines with non–naturalistic fragments which she creates through reproducing familiar and unfamiliar daily life situations, arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces. As a result new languages, dialogues and relationships are created that reflect on the deception of individuals’ reality and perception in general. There is a constant reference and emphasis on human nature and her videos consider structures of influence and perception in order to examine connections between experience and significance. In 2007 she completed a Masters in Communication Art and Design at Central Saint Martins in London. The same year she was an author and one of the designers of the publication ‘Lead between the Lines’ with contributors Rick Poynor, Freda Sack and John Morgan, the book was launched at the Design Museum in April 2007. In September 2010 Maria completed a second Masters degree in Performance Design and Practice in Central Saint Martins. In March 2010, Maria took part in a ten week creative residency in Italy to collaborate with 12 more performance makers and artists to produce a new work combining different mediums of art for the Inteatro Festival. Her video work and paintings have been displayed in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria.