Maria Canas (Spain)

María Cañas Reyes

participant in
VAD – Video Art Database
VideoChannel Cologne – Found Footage!

María Cañas (Seville, 1972), graduated in Fine Art. She completed a Doctorate in Aesthetics and the History of Philosophy at the University of Seville. She runs, an audiovisual experimentation platform in diverse fields: video-art, video-clips, installations, digital imagery, workshops, publications, seminars, round tables, televisions, on-line projects…

Her work has won numerous prizes. In 2007 The Ibn Batuta FIAV Prize-France, the Memorimage Videocreación prize-Reus and the Roman Gubern prize for Assaig Cinema.
In 2006 the Prize for Art Practice Iniciarte from the Junta de Andalucía .
In 2005 the prize RTVA-Zemos98, the Barcelona VisualSound and the Jury Prize 6, Fundación Rodríguez.
She was shortlisted for the prizes Imagen Transmediale 03-Berlín; Injuve00-01-Madrid; Eurovídeo 01-Málaga; Certamen de jóvenes creadores Madrid´s townhall and Festival Alacant/Vídeo.

Her experimental cinema has also been shown at international festivals and events, including the Festival LOOP’08-07-09, BAC’06-Barcelona, Les Rencontres Internationales 07-08 París-Berlín-Madrid, Transmediale 03-Berlín. Cinema/Image-Festival de Locarno, Malba-Buenos Aires, Saint Pancras Crypt Gallery-Londres, Festival Internacional de Cine de Cali-Colombia, Centro Cultural de España en Montevideo, Souvenirs From Herat-Colonia, Annecy Spanish Cinema Bienal, Oberhausen Short Film Festival-Alemania, VISION:A: LOOP-Cervantes Institute, DUOLUM Museum of Modern Art of Shanghai, Iniciarte- Tokio Cervantes Institute, FIFVC Beirut, WISPS IX Conference Dublín Cervantes Institute, D-Generación: Cervantes Institute, EX DOCS-XI Latinoamerican Cinema-Lima, Art Futura, VAD-Girona, Portland Underground Film Festival-Oregón, MUSA and Muca-Roma and Pepena Fest- México, ARCO, Muestra de Arte 2000 and Audiovisual Injuve 2000-01-Madrid and Iberoamérica, Canal Metro-Madrid Abierto, Medialab Panorama Digital 03-Madrid, C.A.A.C, Espacio Iniciarte, caS-Sevilla, Maribor Internacional Computer Arts Festival-Eslovenia, Wro Center For Media Art-Polonia, Teknemedia-Turín, ISEA-Nagoya…

Her work has been exhibited at galleries such as Juana de Aizpuru, Birimbao, Félix Gómez, La Caja China, Carmen Carmona, Murnau and Sala de eStar-Seville, Fernando Serrano-Huelva, MECA-Almería, Carmen de la Calle-Madrid, Galería44, ADN and Llucià Homs-Barcelona, Demolden-Santander, Dean Project-N.Y y Esca -Francia.