Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy)

Marcantonio Lunardi

Graduated in documentary direction, since 2001 Lunardi has been involved in social and political documentation working on installations, documentaries and video art works. After the masters at the Festival dei Popoli in Florence with Michael Glawogger, Sergei Dvortsevoy,Thomas Heise and Andrés Di Tella, he began a journey in the field of moving images, experimenting with languages on the border between real cinema and video art. His works have been exhibited in prestigious international institutions such as the National Art Center in Tokyo, Galeri Nasional Indonesia in Jakarta, the Video Tage Center in Hong Kong, and the Museum on the Seam in Jerusalem , the Videoart Yearbook of the Visual Arts Department of the University of Bologna. Lunardi was also a guest of various experimental film festivals and video art such as N Minutes Video Art Festival in Shanghai, the Cairo Video Festival in Cairo, the Invideo Festival in Milan, Video Art & Experimental Film Festival – Tribeca Cinemas of New York. In addition there are numerous biennials of contemporary art including the Bi del Fin del Mundo in Chile and Argentina, the Chongqing International Biennial of Contemporary Art in China and the Bienal Internacional de Videoarte y Animación in Mexico

Filmography (video art)

2020, The perfect pandemic criminal, 04′:05″
2020, 45th day, Pandemic Era, 03’:12”
2019, Sanctuary, 06’:58”

2019, Worn out, 06’:45”

2018, Aesthetics of pain, 03’:27”
2017, Unusual Journey, 03’:22’’

2016, The Cage, 05’:46’’

2015, The Edge, 03’:06’’

2015, Anthropometry 154855, 03’:36’’
2015, The Idol, 03’:50’’2014,

2015 The world of Caspar, 01’:50’’
2014, Public Space, 03’:45’’

2014, 370 New World, 05’:08’’

2013, Fall-out, 03’:03’’

2013, No – The victims’ cry, 02’:30’’
2013, The Choir, 04’:13’’

2012, Default, 02’:53’’

2011, Last 21 Days, 05’:00

2011, Suspension, 02’:24’’

2011, Laboratorie Italie, 02’:20’’

Participant in
VIP Interview Project

8th Cologne International Videoart Festival 2012
9th Cologne International Videoart Festival 2013
10th Cologne International Videoart Festival 2014
artvideoKOELN – audiovisual experience 1 2015
d/i/light Memorial 2013
d/i/light Memorial 2016
The W:OW Project 2017
Corona! Shut Down?