Manon Pichon (France)

Manon Pichon
I am Manon, originally from France I live now in Vienna (Austria).
I work mainly as a cinematographer. I am interested in the power of images, dance and music as I grew up among these artistic fields. During my bachelor and master’s degree I received theoretical along with practical knowledge necessary to give me the creative freedom to be able to work on every kind of filmic pieces. I lay emphasis on artistic videos, dance videos, music videos, fictions as well as documentaries.

Participant in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
Title of the video : Quarantine Contact, 2020, 0:59
We all realize me miss something when we do not have it anymore, and I realize I miss hugging people even if I am not an extravert people myself. I want to express in this video this feeling of touch, raw, animal, which is emphasizes by the music, almost tribal.