Luke Collins (UK)

Luke Collins

born London, 1979. Lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.
Luke Collins works across video, performance and sculpture. His work with video developed from performance and performance to camera. The works MUIN (2006) and RR / PH / 19c. Lit. Det (2009)use forms from cinema and episodic television series, in appropriating the ‘title sequence’ and corrupting its slickness with a fetishisation of the edited sequence. The works explores a notion of ‘preview’ or the way that we consume experience through images which are performed. Collins is fascinated by the process through which these programmes assert their fictional reality and use their branding to prompt our emotional recognition of that reality through the title sequence, music etc.
For an academic collection around Genre and Gender Collins has recently completed an essay which proposes Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 action film Point Break as generic repetition. Point Break was a film he watched repeatedly as an adolescent and is also the basis for a forthcoming artist’s book.