Lorin Roser & Nina Kuo

Lorin Roser & Nina Kuo
Lorin Roser architect/animation – Nina Kuo multimedia arts :
Past Video screenings -Exhibit: Queens Mus., Ideas City, New Museum, White Box, NYC, Mana, Miami, Cheddar.com – McGinniss Gallery, Spectrum, HarvestWorks etc. Collection: Moma PS1, SAIC, Lib. of Congress, etc.

Participants in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?

Through current paintings and multi-media work that inject an intensity, edginess and ambivalence we aim to delight in subcultures and combat artistic stereotypes.
Curators comment our work is s seducing and stimulating visual narratives while conceptually challenging, express technology in many ways.
Video and sound scores are a passion that shoot out from the mind! Keep alive jazz and connect globally during Pandemic.
Video title: “ PANDEMIC BLUES “, 2020, 0:50
Tribute to current craziness as the “Wrong Song” expresses being Distancing & Isolated in Angles- Moving exploding keyboards, constructions with composed experimental Guitar sounds. We enter a new zone created as lost melancholy jazz emerges with dusty clouds symbolizing an afterlife of ashes in a Limbo state of mind.