Lisa Rosenmeier (Denmark)

Lisa Rosenmeier

Lisa Rosenmeier’s works are a thematic exploration of various aspects relating to our perception of the world in which we live. They examine the ways in which our era and its forms of visual expression impact on the formation of both an individual and also a common human identity. In her artistic practice Lisa Rosenmeier focuses on a small number of large-scale projects. These projects are based on the gathering and mapping of data from cross-disciplinary fields in the border zones between art, psychology, sociology and cultural history and are realised through the use of a wide range of media and forms of expression. In her most recent projects, such as ”House of Love” and ”Memento”, the structure of the works is constituted by multiple layers and strategies in interaction with a variety of spatial contexts, for example museums, the Internet, the mass media (in particular, advertising) and certain ”spaces” specially selected for the purposes of the project. Lisa Rosenmeier presents the viewer with new linguistic and visual phenomena that are combined to create suggestive, many-layered cognitive spaces in which the viewer is involved both mentally and physically. Art is an important contributor to the way in which a society sees itself, which means that Lisa Rosenmeier’s projects are not merely innovative in respect of their structure but also stand as meaningful concentrations of the present time, thereby becoming part of the ongoing process by which identity is formed. Lisa Rosenmeier (b. 1959) graduated from the School for Media Art at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Cand. Phil.) in theory and communication of art in 1993. She had previously completed the 4-year diploma course in textile design at Denmark’s Design School (1987) and has taught at its institutes for many years.

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1987-93: MA in Fine Arts. The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Studied under Stig Brøgger and Carsten Juhl.

1983-87 Diploma in Textile Design, Denmark´s Design School.
1987- Consultant and teacher at the School of Design, Kolding, 1990-1998, and the Institute for Precious Metals, Copenhagen, 1997-2003

2004 The Extended Now (Memento projects), North Jutland Art Museum & Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde
”idéboxing”, ARoS, Aarhus and Randers Art Museums
Proposal in collaboration with Lone Høyer Hansen for Birkerød Stadion, for Architects Schmidt, Hammer and Lassen

Books, Ingrid Hansen Gallery, LLC, Wasingthon, USA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, (nominated for NODEM04)

Vision Skif, St. Petersburg
Proposal in collaboration with Lone Høyer Hansen and Eva Koch for integrated art in Trekroner, for Nova 5 Architects, Thing & Wainø and NCC
2003: Før usynligheden co-organizer of seminar about the invisibility of female artists in Danish museums
3 month working scholarschip in relation to the exhibition ”The Extended Now” in Statens Værksteder, Copenhagen
3 month working scholarschip in relation to the exhibition ”The Extended Now” in Statens Værksteder, Copenhagen
Vision – a memory substance to be seen in l00 years, Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
Mirage, proposal for New York City for ”Creative Time”, New York
Seismogram 1-7, drawings for ”Volumen” by Serge Ohnen, Holland
Fra Objektiv til Objekt, Den Frie, Copenhagen
Arz Electronica 2003,, Nodic bill-board project
ISCP, 6 month Artist-in-Residence at International Studio and Curatorial Programme in New York
Tangible / exchange, Memento manifestation, Vision I, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Costa Rica
Reconstruction, The Inner City, Exit Art, New York
Web Biennial,, Istanbul Museum of Contempoary Art, Turkey
Billeder til tiden, travelling exhibition representing danish painters selected by Christian Gether
2002:, Arz Electronica 2002
From Moment to Moment, House of Love as web project and installation, The Art Pavillion, Zagreb, Croatia
Artist-in-Residence programme by Location One, New York
House of Love as web project shown at Location One’s project room, New York
Proposal in collaboration with ArtofHeart for interactive light work for Nykredits new headquarters in Copenhagen
Memento 1 Vision Hordaland Artcenter, Bergen, Norge.
2001: Web project – november 2001.
Travellers 1-4 The West Jutland Museum of Art.
2000-2004 The 100 Best Works in 100 Years of Danish Art. The Virtual Museum of Art, The Royal Museum of Fine Arts andwww.

2000: Art of Heart -space Lone Høyer Hansen, Eva Koch and Lisa Rosenmeier at the Vejen Museum of Art.
UTOPIA. HOUSE OF LOVE. 8-room separate installation at Rogaland Museum of Art in Stavanger, Norway.
1999 WHAT´S THE IDEA? Art as media strategy. Art Library, Esbjerg.
HOUSE OF LOVE. Public space, Copenhagen.
1998-99: BIG CITY LONELINENESS. The Vejle Museum of Art.
1997: RESIDENTIAL AREAS OF THE FUTURE. A future scenario and a book for the Ministry of Culture Development Fund and Vejle Municipality.
CONGLOMERATE. Fotofeis 97. The Danish Cultural Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland.
CRUISING. Kunstforeningen, Copenhagen.
1996-97: THE PATHFINDERS ROUTE X. A site-specific work for Blaagaard State College of Education and The Danish Artfoundation.
1995-97: WHAT´S THE IDEA? Art as advertising communication. 10 pictures for the cultural and political weekly Weekendavisen.

DESIRE. Gender, Body and Attraction. Borealis 7 at:
The Nordic Arts Center, Helsinki, Finland
The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, DK
The Bergen Art Gallery, Norway
Listasafn, Iceland
The Hasselblad Center, Gothenburg, Sweden.
1995: HUMAN TOUCH. The Trondheim Arts Association, Norway.
OFF-PICTURE NO. 119. A site-specific work for Copenhagen Jazzhouse, supported by The Danish Artfoundation.
Heterogenering Art as mediea strategy tv spot for TV-2.
1994 Inbetween House of Culture and The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Aalborg.
1993-94: SUIT-CASE. A photo-book (development/recording period 89-93) and a separate exhibition at:
The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen
The Museum of Photography, Brandts Klædefabrik,Odense
The Horsens Art Museum
The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Aalborg.
1992-93: THE PERFECT LIFE. A fictive advertising campaign. 12 photographs shown in the public space in collaboration with Birgitte Scharøe Petersen.
CIRCUM 6. An 11-screen video installation at the New Carlsberg Glytotek and the Vejle Museum of Art.
Statements. The Charlottenborg,Copenhagen.
Monophyletic Series. The Charlottenborg,Copenhagen.

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  • I-Fjords – netart from Northern European countries