Lina Persson (Sweden)

Lina Persson
Lina Persson

born 1978

Working with phenomenon’s of reification such as; commodity fetishism,
attention value, fan-ship, typecasting, branding, cognitive therapy,
mind cure, placebo, and different strategies involving such phenomena.
Also running the Gothenburg part of “a shoal of mackerel”, an
independent publishing house for artists books, specialising in small


2006 – 2008 Master of fine art , valand, Sweden
2002 – 2005 Bachelor of experimental film, HGO, Sweden

Exhibition etc

2001 Här är karusellen, sound installation, supermarket door,
2001 1=1/2, 2=1 installation, Gotland art museum
2003 Paintings, krukmakarens hus
2004 Grafikgruppen, Gotland art museum
2004 Prints, Roma kungsgård
2005 “Här” Gotland art museum
2005 The experimenter & the art of perception, Artpool, Research
Centre Budapest
2006 Imaginaction, media/dance performance, Turku theatre
2006 My percieving…, Al Kahf Art Gallery, Betlehem
2006 Testing self-awareness… New European Film Festival, Spain,
Vitoria Gasteitz
2006 Arrivers, Camera Obscura, Lanfranchi’s Memorial Discoteque
2006 Belle Art Lamia, Video art, Greece
2006 Bios festival, Spain
2006 Experimenta Sidney
2006 PI, Officyna art space, Poland
2006 Window project, Tilt Gallery and Project Space, Oregon, November
2006 Check points, Galleri Rotor, Sweden
2006 Museo Arte Contemporaneo (MAC) Santa Fe/ Argentina
2006 Museo Arte Contemporaneo Rosario (MACRO) Rosario/Argentina
2006 Labyrinth, Artist books, Botkyrka konsthall, Sweden
2007 Grafiktriennal 07, Royal academy of fine arts, Sweden
2007 början/slutet, facsimil, tidskriften OEI

Lina Persson is participating in

  • media art show ://selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem – show for Peace
  • Title: “My Perceiving”, video, 2005