Lewis Paul + Sarah Taylor (USA)

Lewis Paul + Sarah Taylor

Lewis Paul and Sarah Taylor
Lewis Paul and Sarah Taylor have worked in a collaborative response between film, photography, painting and drawing over the last two years. ‘No Ball Games’ is the collaboration’s first moving image work to embrace a relationship between drawing and artist’s film and video. Expanding on ideas and concepts developed in each of our practices, the work takes, as it’s starting point a relationship to the physical environment of urban life and seeks to find identity within municipal shared spaces.

Lewis Paul
Working with film, video and photography, Lewis Paul’s work engages questions of identity, narrative and filmic illusion, constructing work around hidden creative practices (No Ball Games 2007) or unexpected viewpoints (‘Documentary Evidence – we are not your audience’ 2004).
Examples of exhibitions and commissions, European media art festival Osnabruck. (film work) Selected program. 2000, ‘Millennial Minutes’ Miniature Film and video. (Film work) Touring show. Scotland and UK. Scottish arts council / Millennium festival. 1999. ‘Documentary Evidence, (we are not your audience)’ Babel digital arts project, commissioned by Lighthouse Brighton, and Southeast Arts. 35mm film portraits, screened before main features on 4 screens at the Odeon Hastings July to August 2002. (2001-2002)

Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor’s practice is rooted from training as a painter; and extends in a broad context to cover aspects such as relationships between painting and moving image and visual narrative devices, with current research activity based around painting and drawing, film & photographic work.

In (No Ball Games 2007) Taylor is interested in the processes and hidden toil of creative production. In previous work, messiness, chaos & dysfunction have been subverted by the choice of materials. Materials such as red wine (Vintage, 2004) and gold leaf (Dirty Knicker Girl 1996, London & Wall of Guilt. 1995, Venice) signify connotations of decorative aspirational opulence & associations of class and privilege.

Taylor’s Work has been exhibited nationally and internationally with support and funding secured from the British Council, Southern Arts, The Welsh Arts Council, Art Research the AHRB and the D.D.A.A (Berlin).

Lewis Paul + Sarah Taylor participate in

NewMediaFest2007 – DIGITAL MEDIA Valencia 2008
Cinematheque – streaming media project environments
Slowtime2007? – Quicktime as an artistic medium
curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne