Lee Whitfield (UK)

Lee Whitfield
www.channel4.com/music; EEL – PUNX KCUF BACK

My life story for the past 20 years has been the slow recovery (psychological and physical) from a road traffic accident. I moved to Israel for the climate in 1986 returning to London shortly before moving to New York City (1987-88), I returned once again where I worked in a West End nightclub as a lighting and video technician. Since 1988 I have been expressing myself with the aid of a camcorder. 1993-1997 I wrote/sung/gigged in a punk band around London. My video editing developed from within a non-linear computer-editing course that I attended (to edit Band video footage) at my local F.E. College (January 1998). I took my interest in digital media, into an Art Degree – from which I invested in a video editing suite/software and DV camera, to continue my practice.

Lee Whitefield is participating in

  • VideoChannel – Image vs Music
  • Title: Nature of a Game, video, 1993 (lyrics/music) 2000 (video), 1: 32