laurie halsey brown (Netherlands)

laurie halsey brown [lower case]

laurie halsey brown is an intra-disciplinary artist and hybrid-practitioner from New York presently based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands | She creates architecturally focused projects about being there that investigate place and a psychological, experiential relationship to space.
These projects articulate a developing relationship to an environment through a set of intra-disciplinary responses shown simultaneously, such as: a piece, an installation, a curated
exhibition and art work in the form of a ‘book’
An integration of responses and [dis]locations: local/global/physical/virtual/private/public
in relation to time [simultaniety] are made visible in the public realm to [re]create an experience of being there.
She has been shown in the U.S. including the New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC and internationally.
As an aspect of her intra-disciplinary practice, she has created numerous public interventions and media-based curatorial projects from 1997
6 site-responsive installations and architectural interventions from 1999-2003
3 single-channel videos made between 1999-2002 which articulate psychological movements of time and have been screened at international festivals such as the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2004 and exhibitions in 2004 such as Terrorvision at Exit Art, NYC and Biennial
as well as a number of works in a series
Since 2001, she has been a part of several online exhibitions and digital festivals. She is
currently working on her second beingthere project about locality and identity in relation to Rotterdam architecture: Obeingthere.v2.r’damARCH.05′, | She has an MFA from California Institute of the Arts and attended New York University in the Graduate Psychology Department

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