Laurent Pernot (France)

Laurent Pernot

Born in 1980 in France. In 2000, I received a BTS in photography at the College Auguste Renoir, Paris (France) followed by a Master in photography & multimedia at the University Paris VIII, Paris, (2002). The last three years, I completed a residency at Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains (France), and was recently invited at Sapporo Artist-In-Residence (Japan), at Schöppingen Künstlerdorf (Germany) and at the Nordic Artists’ Centre (Norway). I exhibit regularly in France and abroad (India, Slovenia, Poland, England, Finland, Norway, China, Italy etc.) and was awarded several prices from film & video festivals. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at Joan Miro Foundation (Barcelona) and at the “Interxcross Creative Center” in Sapporo (Japan).

Laurent Pernot is participating in

  • VideoChannel – Image vs Music
  • Titles:
    1. Still Alives, video, 2005, 2.34mn
    2. Life’s attraction, video, 2004, 3:36