Lars Vilhelmsen (Denmark)

Lars Vilhelmsen

Topical exhibition from 1995
An actually ’exhibition for the first time’ will be the separateexhibition LEMPICKA, Aalborg 1996 Succeded consequently L.V.’s first work in urban zone with the videoinstallation K.M.N. – Kontraks Mother Nature, put up in a container.
In 1999 he initiators the Artschool of picture and media, which rapidly developed into the School of Experimental Art in Aalborg (basis for the existens of the school runs out 02).
In the very same year he is likewise accepted to several different recognized graded exhibitions in Denmark, of which the essential, Charlottenburgs Easterexhibition,Copenhagen, where he is accepted three succesive years, 2001-2002-2003.L.V. has worked conceptually with many-sided medias, where especielly his objects definetely belong to the first of many exhibitions.’Many young artists have a more conceptual approach to the artistic work. They take an interest in typologics, structures and formsimilar coincidencees. Like this researchs for example L.V.(born 1970) almost into sections of industriel objects and buildingsections, and compares them after form and material’.FABRIC: Publication in connection with the themeexhibition FABRIC, Northern Artmuseum 2002.This three-dimensionel period ends, when L.V. chooses projects of other character. Today the workarea is concretized to conceptually projects as How scandinavian of me, How beautiful to be and travellers secret box 2004; the last-mentioned project L.V. has the function as projectcoordinator.In the end of the nineties L.V. shows several exsamples on projects in the urban zone, and is backed by local funds.L.V. shows his projects in zones and places normally not connected to art, but perceptibly describes as furniture and equipment from an urban district, worth mentioning advertising pillars and election-noticeboards. Buildings of authorities, bridges,news papers and others, has affected L.V.’s activities of exhibition.Projects in this category for example Virus, The lavatory-convenince exhibition=(the public toilet), Kontraks Mother Nature, Human Cover project, Camouflage Art and The election campaign.The project HEARTROOM, giant streamers set up on 50 busses, is likewise a distinct work in the urban zone.’L.V.’s action was partly focused on the sharp tonein the debate of foreigner, which he wanted to give a banal, but positive response, partly against the growing use of advertisings in public space. By showing his statements exactly on the citybusses, they were read on places, where you expected advertising. In this case was the advertising however political messages about friendship and kindness. L.V. goes with this activistic artform in continuation for the artists, who since the nineteensixties have combined the massculture with the traditionally artforms’Textextract from the exhibition by art historian, Anne Lie Stokbro.The pivotal point of these works is either political, activistic or social character, areas which still ad here to his present works, however with more interest in the private-personal field cf. How scandinavian of me, How beautiful to be, Travellers secret box, The Crystal project and Anomalous Zone.Anomalous Zone shows an artist staying on a reduced laid out Worldmap, a danish touristattraction in Jutland, and problematizes globalising by a commonplaced locality.’The context in Anomalous Zone will be the artworkers self-constituted, the space is populated by tourists, of which the one, namely the artworker, enters the general tourist-attraction : the local worldmap, and tourism as situation, as an international artgesture.’A-Zone textextract from Den lille Have contribution, September 2003. The projects Substitution, Appropriativ insert structure, Congenial slow cerebration and The day, are all examples on projects, where L.V. works aphoristically with the photography as the preferred media; the last-mentioned project, The day, is exhibit on the Festival SACRUM 04, the Czech. Republic.The probably most important project, he has developed, is HOW SCANDINAVIAN OF ME as an ’ongoing process’, started-up in London 2001.
’Appropriatived involvement, break work-categorical definitions change casting between the artist and the public in a way, that the artist now invests in a procedural work, where the public can’t expect any genius solutions, but probably account a meeting with an artists interpretation or experience of a scandinavic mentality relating to cultural dividing lines, habits, manners, places, spaces and private-social material. The mentioned private sense for the floppy and active, the opening travelling, who has the colonialism as kitched text’.
Extract from workingreport for the artwork H.S.O.M. by (CMJ).How scandinavian of me .. makes up today the basic practice of L.V. The project exhibits current in different exhibitionrooms, either the hole project, extracts of this or as special editions.
How scandinavian of me-project updates current on L.V.’s website.
L.V. is also found in connection with artcollaborators, for example to mention the development of Network of art for younger artists in the Northern Jutland.Beyond this L.V. works in other artconnections with medias as installation, photography, video and netrelated projects both in urban zone and in artinstitutions at home and abroad. From among activities abroad it must be mentioned his contact with Foerderkoje in Berlin as a related exhibitionproject ’Mad in Berlin’.L.V. will continuing in the years to come, work at moving a greater part of his exhibitionpractice abroad.

CV only for 2004:

Exhibition 10-yearedition Röda Sten
Project Röda Sten nordic cultural center for art, Gøteborg, Sweden´s virtuella plattform concept by Jesper Schou-Knudsen

Artvideo/screening to the 3rd international Kansk video festival, Kansk, Russia
Curated by: Torben Søborg

Carblock Artbuilding, 5 floor, The U-Turn Superior project, Aalborg, Denmark,
Project concept by: Mikael Madsen

Contribution Flag to The Stop bush project.
Project concept by: David Bunde, USA

URBALLOON Virtual space and public space, concept by: URBALLOON. A screening of submissions.
City Hall Park, Manhattan, New York.

Remarks, artvideo on gigant screen, Night of culture, Aalborg, Denmark
Co-production with artist from Artstudio Aalborg

Sacrum Festival of fine art, City Art Gallery Czestochowa Interface – prizewinner

Diesel New Art 2004 competition (DNA04)
Judged by an independent jury/censorkomitee:
Husk Mit Navn, Rune R.K, Eva Skibsted Mogensen, Johannes Torpe og Nicolai Wallner

Mad in Berlin
Curator and exhibitionconcept by Ralf Schmitt, Exhibitionspace Forderkoje, Berlin

Dansk Videokunst, Art Cinema OFF OFF, Gent, Belgien Kurateret af Torben Søborg, Den Danske Videokunstbank

Establish Travellers secret box

The danish way, artproduction VILMO
to: Share your country

I T E M – Intervention thesis extrovert matter
Artproduction VILMO – artsign i urban zone

Internetproject and publication
Co-production with socialworker Eva Thestrup, Røde Kors, Randers, DK

Lars Vilhelmsen participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • Extasy – the final show
    I-Fjords – netart from Nordic countries

  • A Virtual Memorial
  • Tsunami Memorial curated by Agricola de Cologne