Kristina Kanders (Germany)

Kristina Kanders

Kristina Kanders (* 1962, Cologne) is a German drummer, composer and singer. Kristina Kanders went 1987 to New York City to study music (1997 Master of Arts Degree in Music, Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College). In her New York years 1987 – 2005
Kristina Kanders performed in numerous concerts, festivals and radio broadcasts in theUSA and Europe, among others with Cyro Baptista’s Beat the Donkey ( her own group Sambanditos, Kit McClure Big Band, Joe McGinty, and many others. 2005 Kristina Kanders returned to Cologne and produces her own music. She has produced two solo
albums “For All People” (2008) and “Say Something” (2010). Since 2009 frequent solo, duo and trio performances with her own project. 2009 Kristina performed for Emiiana Torrini the summer hit “Jungle Drum” at The Dome 51, Lanxess Arena in Cologne, 2010 she supported the show UBANATIX as solo drummer at the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum.