Katya Kan

Katya Kan
London based artist
“My artistic aim is to overcome my marginality through creating a utopian vision, which reconnects me to my childhood. My art explores my status as a half-Asian artist, who doesn’t fit in any cultural hegemony and who has no sense of “home” in post-colonialist, feminist and psychoanalytical terms. A specimen of globalization, I was born in Kazakhstan, my father – North Korean and my mother – Russian. Having caught a glimpse of the USSR, I have a conflicting perception of cultural systems. Unable to assimilate into any culture, I am a banished outsider with no origins.”

Participant in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
Video title 1: Self-isolation Film, 2020, 1:00
video title 2: Time Space, 2020, 2020, 4:48