Katrina Inagaki (USA)

Katrina Inagaki

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Katrina Lencek-Inagaki
b. 1986, based in New York City.

Katrina Lencek-Inagaki was born and raised below Canal Street in New York City. She grew up going to openings and being inspired by her neighbors such as video-art pioneer, Beryl Korot. An interest in Brecht, prompted her to enter Brown University with every intention to study acting, but a class in the Modern Culture and Media department blew open her mind and she began experimenting with a cheap DV video camera, then a Bolex. She continued studying under Leslie Thornton and Tony Cokes. Her past collaborations and experiences are varied and include Electra Elf (Dir. Nick Zedd), Tanner Hall (Dir. Tatiana von Furstenberg), Dead Man’s Bones music videos (Ryan Gosling’s band), A Moment in… (Anne Chapelle) and her work has been shown in Providence R.I., New York City, Paris and Berlin. She received a BA in Art-Semiotics from Brown University and upon graduation in 2008, she was awarded the Weston Award for Artists. Katrina combines a conceptual interest and approach with experimental and visceral elements, citing noise music as an early influence. Drawing from her experience as a first generation American, she investigates the theme of alienation and underlines the essential sensation of being an outsider. Currently, she is re-working her film, “And Suddenly it Seems that a Chicken was an Egg’s Idea for Getting More Eggs” (16mm/found footage/HD video, 2008) which is a collaboration with artist Claire Harlam, and explores the construction of digital storytelling, through an arepresentational “Day in the Life” of seven native New York twentysomethings that blurs documentary with fiction.