Kathleen Newman (New Zealand)

Kathleen Newman

Kathleen Newman is a digital artist and freelance graphic designer living in New Zealand. She also manages an internet magazine for the visual arts (http://www.blackrobin.co.nz)

Her childhood was spent in Singapore and she came to New Zealand in 1986 having lived in Australia and the USA. Kathleen made a late career switch into graphic design after doing a degree in Human Physiology and working for some years as a medical research assistant. She trained in medical and technical illustration.

For many years she enjoyed watercolour and colour pencil work and has been a finalist in several art awards. Working in graphic design introduced her to Photoshop and digital manipulation. Kathleen describes herself as being passionate about digital art. The layering and dream-like capabilities of the medium suit her style and choice of subject matter as seen in the entry
to this exhibition.

Kathleen Newman participates in

  • Le Musee divisioniste – the global art museum
  • Mirror at the Bottom – artists portraying themselves
    curated by Agricola de Cologne