Kaspars Groshevs (Latvia)

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Born in 1983., in Riga, Latvia (at the time part of USSR).
Left highschool in the middle to start studies in J. Rozentals art school which had strong painting tradition. However I finished the school with diploma work in video – 5 minutes long looped “poetic” work “Circle” (2005) for which I wrote a story, played a part as actor, did sound, music and editing and directing.
I got into Art Academy of Latvia, Visual communication department in 2005.
In last few years I have exibited in around 10 group exibitions in Latvia and France. Since 2002 I am working on radio NABA, each week making a radio show “Visions” about contemporary music.
In 2006 I collaborated with Evita Vasiljeva on an educational computer 2d animation comissioned by AIDS Prevention Centre of Latvia and Nordic Council of Minister’s Office in Latvia. Together with Evita we wrote the script, designed characters, did the computer animation, sound design, music, editing and directing. This cartoon was presented on the main television of Latvia and is now shown in high schools around the whole country.
In the beginning of 2007 I went to Art highschool of Strasbourg (ESAD) for one semester studies in Art department. During this time I participated in different projects with young artists from France, Germany, Scotland, Congo and Morocco, and also worked on the animation “Tomorrow”.
In the beginning of June I participated in the project with students of Strasbourg and Kinshasa directed by artists Eleonore Hellio. It was organized together with architect group EXYZT from Paris and ended with audio-visual-net performance within festival “LabiChampi” in Karosta, Latvia, during which I was responsible for the sound direction.
Recently I’ve been working more on paintings and works which combine different medias and text.

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CologneOFF III – 3rd edition of Cologne Online Film Festival

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