Karin Fisslthaler (Austria)

Karin Fisslthaler

Karin Fisslthaler works as a visual artist and as an electronic musician. In her videos and installations, where she mostly uses found footage material, she focuses on the visual representation of the human body, it´s forms of nonverbal communication, it´s gender constructions and beauty issues. Most of her work deals with the ambivalence of own concepts and the social constructions of identities and surfaces, and show critique and fascination at the same time towards this conflict. Since 2004 she produces electronic music and performs live under the name of „Cherry Sunkist“. Due to this background her videos and installation are often connected with own sound or situated inbetween. Karin Fisslthaler has studied Fine Arts at the University of Arts in Linz. She lives in Linz and Vienna (A).

Selection of Screenings
Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg; 23. Stuttgarter Filmwinter; Festival Silhouette, Paris; Int. Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg; Vienna Independent Shorts; Int. festival of audiovisual & multimedia arts, Bandits-Mages; Crossing Europe Filmfestival, Linz; Gegenwelten Filmfestival/Künstlerhaus Kino Wien; Diagonale- Festival des österreichischen Films, Graz