Kari Besharse (USA)

Kari Besharse


Kari Besharse is currently a doctoral student at the University of Illinois working in both electroacoustic and acoustic mediums. She completed her undergraduate studies in composition at the University of Missouri at Kansas City and her Masters degree at the University of Texas at Austin. Primary composition teachers have been Stephen Andrew Taylor, Guy Garnett, Russell Pinkston, Donald Grantham, Robert Cooper, Rick Taube, and James Mobberly. Her music has been presented around the world by venues and organizations such as Society of Composers, Inc., Texas Computer Musicians Network, The LaTex Festival, The Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Electronic Music Midwest, ICMC, SEAMUS, Bourges, Elektrophonie, and Pulse Field. Kari was awarded a Bourges Residence Prize for Small Things. The residency was completed at the University of Birmingham Electroacoustic Music Studios in England where she created a new eight channel tape piece, Firmament.

Kari Besharse participates in

  • SoundLAB