Joshua Pablo Rosenstock (USA)

Joshua Pablo Rosenstock

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Joshua Pablo Rosenstock is a multimedia artist, musician, and educator currently based in Boston. He employs an ever-expanding variety of traditional and electronic media techniques to create works incorporating moving images, sound, sculptural installation, and interactive performance.
He earned a BA in Visual Art & Semiotics from Brown University and an MFA in Art & Technology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In between, he worked to launch ZEUM, an art and technology museum in San Francisco, creating interactive exhibits and developing digital art curricula for students and teachers.
As a multimedia artist he has presented work in venues as diverse as the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich, Switzerland, the Dislocate festival in Yokohama, Japan, the Berkeley Art Museum, the Montreal Anarchist Book Fair, and Bumpkin Island in the Boston Harbor. Additionally, he is a multi-instrumentalist who has performed in musical ensembles throughout the United States.
He is currently an Assistant Professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where he was the first visual art professor on the faculty, and teaches in the Interactive Media & Game Development program. He received WPI’s Romeo L. Moruzzi Young Faculty Award for Innovation in Undergraduate Education in 2008.